87-Year-Old Woman Spent Months Knitting 75 Hats To Keep Strangers Warm

This Winter It’s a truly selfless act, and the woman prefers to remain anonymous.

Not all heroes wear capes, but some of them can knit one. An 87-year-old woman in Massachusetts spent months knitting 75 hats for kids in hopes that they would keep them warm during the brutally cold weather this winter.

The elderly woman, who prefers to stay anonymous, wanted to find a way to give back to her community. While she is unable to be as active as she once was, working on these hats was one way she realized she could keep busy and do something kind for others at the same time. 

Each hat takes her about a full day to make, but she believes all the work was worth it. 

“I like doing them. I think it’s fun. I just like to stay in the background,” she told Boston 25 News. “Just because it makes me feel good that I can do something for someone.”

Once she completed 75, the woman’s daughter hung all of them in plastic bags along a fence at Nelson Memorial Park in Plymouth, Mass. She also donates knitted hats to homeless shelters in her area and plans to do the same for next winter as well.

“Just these little things would mean so much to someone who doesn’t have anything,” she told Boston 25 News. 

It’s stories like these that remind us that we all have talents we can use to do our part to make a positive impact for others.

source: https://articles.aplus.com/


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