New Year Resolution!

A New Year’s Resolution is a promise to yourself to improve your life in some ways. You can improve your life by starting something new, by trying harder at something, by cutting down on something. Like alien invaders from Planet Perfect, super-models, have taken over the world. They’re everywhere, in movies, on TV, on billboards and in every magazine. We know little about these extraterrestrials beyond their faces, dating habits and how much money they earn.

Why is our society so obsessed with physical perfection when the truth is, there’s really no such a thing? We’ll soon be in the year 2017, a new beginning for the New Year.  Don’t you think it’s about time we expand our definition of personality? It is possible that in the New Year we’ll finally realise that somebody who is intelligent, funny, caring, sensitive and healthy can be more attractive than someone with the face and the body of Kim Kardashian or Justin Bieber. Think about it. That’s uglier than air-head, supernatural parts of the body and pounds of makeup? Wouldn’t it be nice if we worshipped persons who are confident and active, who stand up and talk about their true opinions on any subject, from the environment from sports to music? Sure, it’s OK to care about new fashion, but it’s hard to measure someone’s worth. There are a lot of us who are fed up with today’s unrealistic standard of beauty and are ready for change – now. That’s not to say we’re immune to super models’ obvious charms but with the experience comes knowledge: What you see is not always what you get. The good news? More and more people are becoming annoyed with those who care more about whether or not their hairstyle is trendy or not than about humanity.

Start on January 1

In the New Year try not to be obsessed with the way you look. Share your life with people who have their own opinions, not with someone who is a reflection in a windows’ doll – shadow. Find true inspiration. Be original with confidence, a strength of character and wit. And you know what? That’s totally OK. There’s evidence of change. In the New Year, people will be concerned with more important and necessary matters. Things they will have control over and will do for themselves, such as getting healthy in body and spirit, eating right and getting involved in real life. These are the things that’ll make you feel great about yourself. These are the things that will make you attractive to others.

Read my advice. Don’t be somebody else. Be you. One day someone will appreciate you for being you.


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