Not Losing Hope

Our success, our journey to success always begins with the way we think. How do you not lose hope? You stop responding to thoughts that say you are hopeless. You stop responding to thoughts that speak untruth about value and worth, for neither of these are found outside of yourself and are never conditional on things, on jobs, on people and places you have in your life or on situations in your life. Your value and worth are determined from within, by who and what you are, defined by a scale, a measure beyond any human yardstick.

So you have a situation in your life that you think you are hopeless about? Then you become your own expert at solving it – not in the world, not in your country, not in the city or your neighborhood.. but for you, your own life, FOR YOU. Do you realize that Edison failed 1,000 times before he created first successful light bulb? But yet he wasn’t defined by his failure but by his success. He is quoted as saying “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

So you haven’t been successful in solving your particular situation that has you hopeless? So how many times have you tried? once, 10, 100, 200, 250? Good, you have discovered 250 ways it doesn’t work – FOR YOU. Now, get back out there and discover the way that does. Stop allowing ain’t, can’t and doesn’t stop and bind you in limits. You know the thinking – It ain’t gonna work – good find some way that does. It can’t work that way. Okay, find the way it can. It doesn’t work these 100 ways I tried. Good, you found 100 ways it doesn’t work for you, so keep going and find that one way that it works for you. Become your own expert about how to solve what is causing hopelessness, for yourself.

And part of that becoming your own expert includes changing the way you think about getting rid of, stop responding to thoughts that say you are hopeless, that you can never… The way you think IS a choice. Have trouble with negativity, with thinking hopeless thoughts? Okay, become your own expert at how to think positively, learn what positivity is and then use it every day. Here is a big key about how to learn you have a choice in the way you think – check out mindfulness, then learn how to practice it and then learn to stop responding to the negative voices, thoughts inside of you.

Today you are going to stop believing you are hopeless. Today you will stop living in your past and release the chains that have held you there all this time. Today you will take that first, next step towards who you really are. and most of all, today you will begin to change the way you think and what you CHOOSE to respond to in your head.

Today you have a choice. Make it.

Ken Etter


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